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Pure Oakland Water (POW) is a Michigan not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting Oakland County and regional water resources through public education, community organizing, environmental advocacy, and promotion of a sustainable future.



Jim Nash, Pure Oakland Water Board Chair

Jim Nash

Board Chair

Donald D. Carpenter, Board Member

Donald D. Carpenter

Board Member

Anne Vaara, Board Secretary

Anne Vaara

Board Secretary

Peter Cavanaugh, Board MEmber

Peter Cavanaugh

Board Member

Jacob DiPonio, Board Treasurer

Jacob Di Ponio

Board Treasurer

Melissa Demaschke, Board Member

Melissa Demaschke

Board Member

Fritz Klingler, Board Member

Fritz Klingler

Board Member

Jeffrey Sangster, Board Member

Jeffrey Sangster

Board Member

Philip Sanzica, Board Member (pictured with wife, Kelly)

Philip Sanzica

Board Member

Alyssa Taube, Board Member

Alyssa Taube

Board Member

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