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Pipe Down... Watch what you flush!  A public service video highlighting what is and isn't safe to flush.


POW sponsors buying trees for the children to plant at home.
They are taught how to plant trees and why that kind of activity is important to our world. Each youth was offered a baby tree to take home.
Over the past four years, we have distributed more than 700 young trees for planting across the region.
As these trees grow and mature, so too will these young people, who can take pride in investing in the future environment.












Pure Oakland Water donated $15,000 to the Clinton River Water Festival held at Oakland University in 2015, 2016 and 2017. 
12,000 Oakland County 5th grade students attended this festival to learn about water and its many uses, ways to protect the environment and keep our water clean. Please click this link to see the wonderful video from this years event.

2016 Thank you letter from intern Melissa     2016 Thank you letter from intern Afton 





Pure Oakland Water donated $200 to Oakland County Parks for Earth Day fun for families. It teaches how to help the environment in everyone's very own backyard. There is a compost demonstration and a 'how to' for making “seed bombs” for pollinators. Methods of water conservation are taught along with a short hike showcasing stewardship projects at Friendship Woods and enjoying other earth-friendly activities.












Pure Oakland Water donated $5,000 to the Detroit River Water Festival coordinator Ron Fadoir in 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

The Detroit River Water Festival is a day-long educational event designed to help sixth-grade students learn about our most precious natural resource – clean, fresh water. Students from the Detroit area will come together to learn about the Detroit River.

The Detroit River Water Festival is offered as a FREE program to help educate school students about the importance and beauty of the water around us and how it impacts our daily lives. The Water Festival provides students with hands-on activities, taught by top level academic instructors and water quality professionals designed to expose students to a wide variety of water related issues.  Through attending the Water Festival, students gain an understanding of the diverse topics related to our water resourses including ecosystems, social studies, the geosphere and the hydrologic cycle. By being an active participant in the Water Festival, students and adults learn the central role water and the Detroit River play in the region’s economy and quality of life and begin to understand their  lifetime role as stewards of this remarkable precious resource. The Festival is provided at no cost to schools, making public and private financial support crucial to the success of this educational event and its continued growth.





Thank you to Pure Oakland Water for the generous donation of $8,000 to the 2015 and 2016 Calendar Contest. The calendars are used to educate children and their families about the importance of clean water in a fun and kid-friendly way.
Nearly 1,100 children from across Oakland County participated in the contest. Drawings were submitted from classes representing 28 schools this year. The Pure Oakland Water donation was used for calendar printing, prizes for the students and an award ceremony and luncheon at the Cranbrook Institute of Science.

6,000 calendars were distributed across Oakland County. Some of the recipients included:

Oakland County Municipalities, Pure Oakland Water Board Members, Classes of Winning Students, Oakland County Stormwater Committee, Oakland County Employees, Contest Winners, Contest Sponsors, Oakland County Board of Commissioners, Watershed and Subwatershed Advisory Groups, Oakland County Schools (Intermediate School District) and participating classes.

Pure Oakland Water has given two $2,000 merit-based scholarships to two civil engineering students at Lawrence Technological University (LTU) whose studies include water management issues.
The applicants had to write scholarship essays of 300-500 words on the importance of preserving our fresh water resources in this region and their personal and career goals will support environmental stewardship and volunteerism. Applicants had to have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Preference was given to residents of Oakland County who are studying in a water-related field.    LTU Thank you.





Pure Oakland Water donated $15,000 to help make the Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum's Rouge River Water Festival happen in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The water festival is a half-day educational experience for students from Rouge River Watershed community schools in Oakland County. Students will learn about the central role water and the Rouge River play within their region. Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, situated on three sub-branches of the Rouge River, offers an outstanding learning environment.

Each class will attend a series of outdoor and indoor presentations. Presentations will be 30 minutes and will be designed, as much as possible, to be interactive, hands-on learning experiences. All presentations and exhibits relate to water, its uses, and critical importance to us and our environment.





Pure Oakland Water donated $3000 in 2014, and $5000 in 2015/2016/2017 to the Friends of the Rouge. From this donation, FOTR was entered to win Rise Detroit's Bonus Challenge #5, a $3000 Grant Challenge. FOTR won the prize and received the Grant!  Congratulations!

One of their many learning programs is The Rouge Education Project. The Rouge Education Project (REP) is a school-based water quality monitoring program involving elementary, middle and high schools from across southeastern Michigan. Students perform hands-on scientific exploration of the Rouge River including evaluating chemical, biological and physical parameters of water quality. Students are further encouraged to take action to help the river based on their results.
Thank you letter from FOTR 2015    Thank you letter from FOTR 2017





Pure Oakland Water donated $3,000 to the Clinton River Watershed Council for the staffing of two paid interns for 2014 and 2015. In 2016/2017 the donation increased to $5,000. This internship will include participation in water quality monitoring, volunteerism, stewardship, data entry and field ecological data collection. The CRWC has Stormwater education management, Watershed management, Ecological applications, and also presentations and workshops. They strive for protecting, enhancing and celebrating the Clinton River, its watershed and Lake St. Clair.

2014 Thank you from intern Amanda C.   2014 Thank you from intern Nate J. 
2015 Thank you from Intern Melissa G.   2016 Thank you from Intern Melissa G.    2016 Thank you letter from intern Afton      Thank you from CRWC  






Pure Oakland Water donated $3,000 to the Huron River Watershed Council for the staffing of two paid interns for 2017.  HRWC’s efforts fall into five major categories: Study, Restore, Protect, Connect, and Inform. Their programs cover pollution prevention and abatement, hands-on citizen education and river monitoring, natural resource planning, mass media education and information, and wetland and floodplain protection.