Alyssa Atkinson was appointed Special Assistant to Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash in June 2014 after interning with the county for one year. Since joining the WRC Alyssa has become an integral part of the office’s public education and outreach efforts. She sits on the planning committee for both the Clinton River Water Festival and the Rouge River Water Festival and volunteers at these events educating elementary-aged children on the importance of water quality. She is co-chair for the largest Stormwater Summit held in Southeast Michigan each October, now in its third year, and was one of the pioneers of the Art Fish Fun Festival, an event that brings together the arts and environmental education in a one-of-a-kind community celebration in Pontiac. Recently she has also become the Board Secretary on the Lake Improvement Boards for Kellogg and Taggett Lake.

She is a board member and officer of Pure Oakland Water which provides regional education programs on water conservation and environmental advocacy. It sponsors interns with local watershed councils and provides scholarships for students in the water and environmental fields at Lawrence Technological University and Oakland University.

A graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Community Development, Alyssa also spends free time volunteering in her hometown of Ferndale, MI. She is in her third year as Fundraising Chair for the Ferndale Pride Festival, her second year as the Board Secretary for Ferndale Youth Assistance, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Ferndale Blues Festival Rib Tent, and she is an active volunteer with Michigan AIDS Coalition.